Is Dating A Man With A Child Worth It?

In case you’re on the dating scene, odds are you’ve been out on the town with or run over the profile of somebody who has a child or two from a past relationship. Furthermore, in case you’re somebody who doesn’t have kids, that specific detail can raise a ton of inquiries. Where might I fit into the majority of this? Would they need me to meet their children? What do I completely need to know before I make any duties?
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So, is dating a man with a child worth it ?

The answer is it depends. “The situation is so unique relying upon your partner, their kids, and the relationship they have with their ex,” says Dawn Michael, PhD, a sexologist and relationship master situated in California.

“Be that as it may, there are a couple of things that are practically standard in all cases.” The most significant thing for you to acknowledge is that your partner’s need will probably dependably be their kids, particularly if their authority understanding implies that they have the kids for most of the time, or they have sole care.

“In case you’re arranging an end of the week escape, and a crisis comes up with respect to their kid, your arrangements are probably going to be the ones to get dropped,” Dr. Michael says. It’s additionally critical to make sense of what sort of relationship your partner has with their ex since that could cause a little worry down the line.

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“On the off chance that they’re still during the time spent working out authority, or if each parent is continually endeavoring to undermine the other, that is a situation that can cause a great deal of distress in a developing relationship,” Dr. Michael says.

“It’s a major warning.” That stated few out of every odd co-child rearing situation will be a negative one. Your partner may be incredibly close with their ex, which can incidentally prompt a little desire down the line — regardless of whether that envy is originating from you or the ex. “You must most likely hold your sentiments under control,” Dr. Michael says. Also, in case you’re battling, more often than not the best activity is to converse with your partner about your sentiments.
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Not in all situation dating a man with a child is always worth it. So, we did brief research of the pros and cons of dating a man with a child.
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15 Pros & Cons of dating a man with a child

1. Fatherhood Preview

Rather than dating a person without kids, you’ll have the chance to see firsthand what kind of dad he is. At last, this data will let you know whether he’ll influence a perfect dad for any kids you to have together one day. Take a gander at how he tends to his children when they’ve gotten stuck in an unfortunate situation or made an achievement.

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His responses to their conduct will demonstrate his child-rearing aptitudes, for example, giving a fitting discipline or giving them acclaim. Moreover, you will get a look at the essential advances he takes to make his kids a need in his life, for example, making courses of action for his children to be gotten after school.

2. Fatherhood Role-Play

In the event that you’ve at any point thought about how it is to be a mother, dating a person with kids will give you the ideal setting to go on a test drive. As your relationship develops, the open door may emerge when he asks you to watch kids, or his children may go with you both on a trip.

Test out how it feels to be a mother and inquire as to whether you’re ready to deal with dealing with his children through the encounters you have with them, for example, any setbacks or mishaps. Try not to bargain any principles that he and the mother set up just to get his kids’ endorsement, however offer them sound guidance and sympathy.

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3. His Sensitive Side

His endless evenings keeping awake to take into account his kids’ each need has likely transformed him into an increasingly sympathetic person. In this way, the obligation of bringing up children may enable him to get you. His inclinations in the sort of lady he dated before he had kids will be additionally settling.

He may not be gotten up to speed in shallow parts of a lady and spotlight on your more profound characteristics, for example, the positive ways you cooperate with his children rather than your appeal. Moreover, since his association with the mother of his children didn’t work out, he might be increasingly delicate to not commit similar errors with you.

4. Comprehends Parental Obligations

In case you’re a parent yourself, dating somebody who has children will mean he definitely knows how much your own children are a need. He will comprehend when you need to drop your arrangements to take into account a wiped out tyke or reschedule a date with him to go to a school sports diversion.

When you both aren’t ready to discover a sitter, convey the children to follow along for a family date at the zoo or the recreation center. Children inside a similar age gathering will appreciate investing energy with their new companion while you both get the chance to talk. Moreover, he will definitely realize acceptable behavior around or take into account your children from his very own child-rearing encounters.

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5. You get the opportunity to be the cool one who gives them treat.

This one is somewhat narrow minded on my part: I can’t eat sweet any longer (I had weight reduction medical procedure almost eight years back and sugar is certainly not my companion), however sometimes, I just truly need to purchase a pack of Skittles. It works out, in light of the fact that the children get exceptional sweet, I don’t need to eat it, and I’m the saint.

6. You (for the most part) don’t need to train them.

The children as of now have a mother, a grandmother, a father, and a stepdad — they needn’t bother with another. Something that works best about my interesting spot in the family is that I’m not another grown-up voice guiding the children, and I’m alright with that. I as of now need to holler at my canine when she barks at the postal carrier (and the neighbors, and guiltless walkers) — and no more.

is dating a man with a child worth it
7. You have a sensible reason to go on kiddie rides.

I never needed to be the unpleasant old woman that rides the “little child” rides at entertainment meccas, however let’s be honest; those can be the best ones. They’re typically additional beautiful and capricious and most likely aren’t going to make you barf. Having two children around that you can “take” so you can ride the Tea Cups with irate forsake is essentially a standout amongst the best things on the planet. Same with regards to merry go rounds and the Dumbo rides.

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8. Two words: kid films.

Since I will never at any point become weary of viewing Pixar motion pictures or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. What’s more, having the option to awe a six-year-old with your insight into Adventure Time characters? Inestimable.

9. Being the homework legend is rad.

While fourth grade English probably won’t be the hardest nut to pop open, regardless I feel like a virtuoso when I get the chance to tell a child the best way to refer to sources on a bit of paper (it doesn’t mind that it’s wide led paper and it’s a paper about photosynthesis). To a multi year-old, I am a virtuoso, and that feels incredible.

10. I get a lot of alone time — without the blame.

A tremendous aspect concerning dating somebody with children is that they’re going to require their family-alone time — thus do I. I have a great deal of ends of the week where all I’d like to do is drink a glass of wine and watch Bridesmaids in my clothing, with my little puppy sitting alongside me on my shabby IKEA couch.

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Seeing someone where there are no children included, now and again it’s anything but difficult to get resentful when the other person needs some “down time,” yet when you’re both occupied grown-ups with other stuff going on (and birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese, boy trooper gatherings, and so forth.), it’s common and beneficial to do your very own thing. The common space the situation manages is incredible for the relationship.

11. Seeing the person you’re dating being a father is somewhat hot.

I’ve dated some quite swell fellas in the past that have done noteworthy things, yet this one is effectively raising two people into deferential little fellows. He’s capable such that a ton of men aren’t, and I get the chance to perceive what sort of person he is by the manner in which he collaborates with his children. It’s an extraordinary marker of his character … also, it’s hot.

12. Single parents Are Mature

Any person who’s at any point had children – or even infant sat – realizes that thinking about them is a ton of work. When you have children, it’s a lifetime duty, and you regularly need to put the requirements of your children before your own.

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Along these lines, single parents can be progressively adult, mindful and giving. They’ve figured out how to think about somebody other than themselves. This dimension of development frequently converts into a relationship, and a single parent can make an incredible accomplice.

13. Having Kids Without Being a Parent

The single parent can be a decent decision for ladies who like children yet don’t really plan to have offspring of their own. This can be genuine whether you would prefer not to endure your very own children or you as of now have however don’t plan to have any more. With the single parent, you get the opportunity to have kids throughout your life and even experience child rearing without the total duty of conveying, birthing and bringing up a child.

14. Children Are Fun

In our grown-up lives loaded up with working and dealing with things, we frequently overlook what it feels like to simply have some good times, the manner in which a child realizes how to normally. Dating a man with kids gives you a reason to remember the delight of setting off to an event congregation, zoo or shoreline, just as getting a charge out of fun exercises, for example, going swimming, seeing enlivened motion pictures or encouraging the ducks at the recreation center. Children can have an honesty and get-up-and-go that is infectious.

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15. All the more Free Time for You

On the off chance that you are intensely put resources into your vocation or basically like your opportunity and freedom, a man with kids may request less from you than one who’s childless. A specific measure of the single parent’s time will be spent on parental obligations, for example, getting ready dinners, lifting kids up from school or going to their soccer matches and move presentations. This not just enables you to set aside a portion of that effort for yourself, it permits the children all the more alone time with their father, which is sound for them.

Cons of dating a man with a child

1. Absence Of Quality Time With You

It bodes well: men with children need to plan their time around children. Contingent upon whether he has full or halfway authority of his tyke, it can seriously restrict the measure of time he spends on relaxation exercises. The straightforward demonstration of going out on the town may expect him to procure a babysitter or request that family and companions watch his child for a couple of hours, which can turn into a bother.

Dates may some of the time dropped in situations where the kid becomes ill or a sitter is unimaginable. Rather than floundering or getting disappointed, ensure you have an actual existence outside of him. That way, you’re not totally frustrated when his children start things out.

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2. Less Financial Resources To Spend On You

If you are the sort of lady who likes to go on luxurious dates and brave exercises, you may need to bring down your desires. Having children is costly, particularly when you factor in diapers, garments, food, health and dental consideration. In the event that he is a liberal man, he’ll need to give his children the best life he can bear.

The more liberal he is with his children, the less cash he’ll need to spend on you. This doesn’t need to be an awful thing! Be set up to pay for a couple of dates all over, or be innovative with minimal effort exercises that you two can appreciate together, such as climbing, picnics and free shows.

3. You’ll Be Less Of A Priority To Him

When you’re involved with a man with children, you’re truly in an association with his children, his children’s mom, his very own mom… Remember, his family was there before you came into his life. They are to a greater extent a sureness since they have history with him — and he’ll be aware of this while putting his needs.

Do whatever it takes not to get annoyed with him in the event that you feel you’re to a lesser extent a need than you’d like right now, yet do request regard as you may be (or will be) his loved one, and might be a piece of his life for quite a while.

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4. Desire May Rear Its Ugly Head

This is the place it gets monstrous! As ladies, we can end up regional with regards to our men. Wherever there’s a separation, there’s a despised lady. You should manage her on a proceeded with the premise, particularly if a youthful tyke is included. Interfacing with your new accomplice’s ex can be extremely unpleasant. Simply place yourself in her shoes and attempt to comprehend where she is coming from.

She figured this man would be her perfect partner and things did not play out as expected. Presently you, the new young lady, is a major part of his life sharing the delight that she once did, and meeting the family she made. Pursue the more respectable option and be conscious; she is the mother of his tyke. Be that as it may, do require regard from her and let your accomplice know whether she isn’t giving it.

5. You May Be Considered An Intruder (Temporarily):

Children naturally need their organic guardians together and discover anybody other than their close family a danger to their reality — this incorporates you. Of course, you may mean well, yet you’ll need to give the relationship time before the kids can open up to you. Recall that, you’re an outcast. You’ll must be persistent with them so they can see that you have their best advantages on a fundamental level. Be persistent!

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6. Absence OF SLEEP

On the off chance that you esteem your rest and aren’t a morning person, at that point hearing the TV on to the max or a toy train whistle or a carton of Lego hitting the floor at 6 a.m. will be your new morning timer.


With children around (on his child days), there won’t be any noisy, insane sex on the kitchen counter, or a minute ago choices to leave for a sentimental end of the week. They are dependably in the image and immediacy turns into a relic of times gone by.


Having your very own children has dependably been a piece of the arrangement yet beginning off as stepmother to his children wasn’t actually what you had at the top of the priority list. An instant family may be difficult to acknowledge yet this is the thing that persons mean when they state “bundle bargain.”

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Each parent guardians in an unexpected way. Some are complicated, some are simple. On the off chance that your child rearing styles are endlessly unique and you can’t go to a trade off on the best way to give your convictions a chance to work with his, it’ll just motivation issues not far off.

10. THE EX

Except if the separated from father is a widow, all kids accompany a mother. Ideally his ex is a sensible, decent person, they have a decent (yet not very great) relationship and co-parent well. In the event that she’s troublesome, at that point this can cause issues later on. They don’t need to be in agreement constantly (there’s a reason they’re never again together) however in the event that there’s strain between them it could be a strain on your relationship as well.


For whatever length of time that you’ve acknowledged that you’ll be a nearby second in his life, at that point you’ll be fine. Yet, it very well may be an intense pill to swallow. It relies upon the situation (in the event that he has full guardianship or if his child/s invest most of energy with their mother) however in the event that you need 100% of his consideration, at that point you’re in for a severe shock. Date evenings will presumably be less sentimental suppers and more Chuck E. Cheddar.

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All things considered, this is the major issue, correct? Regardless of whether he’s basically immaculate, his one “imperfection,” having children, is a big deal. Yet, in the event that you don’t care for children, never imagined yourself as a mother, or they aren’t likely to work out, at that point being a stepmom has neither rhyme nor reason. It’s a noteworthy rude awakening that a few ladies aren’t prepared to confront yet this is time when you need to bargain.

13. You May be Treated As An Intruder At First

children might be touchy, yet in addition pliable at first with regards to these situations. They will be dubious of the right method to respond to another lady in their dad’s life, particularly in the event that it is the primary relationship after their mother. Along these lines, they may carry on eccentric and might be somewhat impacted by their mom in the event that she is resentful.

14. You’ll have to take things moderate.

A solitary parent isn’t probably going to be a major aficionado of a moment relationship. Not exclusively do they not have about sufficient opportunity to promptly focus on an out and out relationship (recall that they have work and different duties notwithstanding watching out for their children), yet they additionally need to consider their kids before ‘betting everything’ with somebody.

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They won’t trifle with this. In the event that you need to a greater extent a certification, be set up to leave. On the positive side, your restricted time together will leave every one of you needing something more, which can be extraordinarily enthusiastic and fun.

15. They may appear to be sincerely far off now and again.

It’s critical to recall your single parent date has experienced a ton inwardly, encountering a wide scope of emotions from displeasure and dissatisfaction to trouble and frustration. Contingent upon how later the separation is—or on the off chance that they are still amidst lawful procedures—there may be some quick requirement for them to mend.

This could either mean they need space occasionally so as to manage their sentiments, or it could mean they aren’t fit for gathering your enthusiastic needs yet.

It will be dependent upon you to choose whether you can manage the passionate good and bad times.
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Related Question

What are the tips in dating a man with a child?

  • Acknowledge his ex’s job in his life

Except if he’s a single man or the mother of his child is no longer in the image out of the blue, you need to deal with the way that his ex will dependably be a major part of his life and that they could even have a decent companionship between them.

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They share a history and they made coexistence and seeing his children will dependably help you to remember her reality.

Truth be told, you may likewise observe her regularly, as they co-parent their children and you run over her amid drop offs or pick-ups.

You can’t be the envious sort and pose inquiries like, “What does she need from you?” or “For what reason would she say she is continually calling you?”.

Be cheerful for him that he has a decent, tranquil association with her or give him the help he needs if she’s the troublesome kind.

Try not to give their satisfaction or harshness a chance to influence your association with your man.

  • Realize that you probably won’t be his top need

Most men who have children pay attention to the duty very (as they should) and if he’s a decent dad – and thusly a decent man – he’ll generally put his kids first.

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You need to acknowledge that you probably won’t be the most significant thing in his life and that he can’t assemble his reality around you and get things done without a moment’s notice to satisfy you.

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So don’t have a tantrum in the event that he drops plans at last since his kid is wiped out or on the off chance that he won’t focus on a sentimental end of the week away in light of the fact that his child has a significant football match-up.

Be adaptable and comprehension and you’ll be progressively content. Also, don’t contend with the children for his consideration – you’re the adult here, so act it.

  • Try not to meet his children in case you’re not genuine

You may feel you definitely realize his children as he’s educated you so much concerning them.

Meeting them is an unmistakable sign you’re prepared to make the relationship a stride further so don’t do this except if you’re prepared.

Do it just when you feel your relationship is steady and you can think about a future with him.

What’s more, let him lead the pack with this choice; it’s solitary right that he’s careful about bringing someone else into his family condition.

So don’t push to meet them, they’re his children and he’d realize best when to bring you into their lives.

Furthermore, in the event that you don’t see a future with him, sever it before you meet his children, as you don’t need them coincidentally associated with your ‘mess’ as well.


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