How To Make A Colombian Woman Fall In Love With You

Colombian ladies are known to be steadfast and constancy isn’t generally part of their vocabulary. This thought is reflected by the way that Colombia has one of the most reduced separation rates on the planet. 

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When dating a Colombian young lady, it is indispensable to win the endorsement of her family, particularly in the event that you need the relationship for the long haul. 

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Truth be told, most Colombian women remain with their close family until they get hitched. At that point, they remain with their life partner until the end. 

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Such practice is an immense piece of their way of life, as I stated, they are exceptionally customary and regular. They truly esteem the nature of the family relationship.

So, how to make a Colombian woman fall in love with you?

They cherish being female and loved, which implies, you’ll have to step it up with your manly side. Be sentimental, be coquettish and assume responsibility. 

Before you significantly think about dating a Colombian lady, you have to check whether you’ll have the option to meet their prerequisites. There are two or three things that Colombian ladies search for in a man.

1. Try not to reference imbecilic adages and terrible jokes about Pablo Escobar and medications. 

In case you’re an outsider, don’t discuss platitudes like Pablo Escobar, medications, brutality, or the arrangement “Narcos”.

Abstain from resembling a pendejo by prodding about cocaine with sugar or flour, except if you need others to chuckle since she left you amidst the date.

There’s significant all the more fascinating things about our way of life. 

2. Try not to carry on like a cerdo. 

We Colombian young ladies like and request consideration (and great habits). Making clamors with your mouth, burping, or slurping your lager isn’t hot.

Demonstrate some valor; let your date sit first, be aware with the general population around you, and obviously, disregard your telephone. Compliments go far too.

“Te ves muy linda”, “Me encantan tus chistes”, or whatever streams into the discussion will score additional focuses. 

3. Try not to act like an ice shelf, be a tease! 

We Colombians are warm individuals. On the off chance that conversing with you appears conversing with another companion, you’ll presumably turn out to be ‘simply one more one’ on the dating list.

In this way, in the event that you begin feeling the sparkle, be a tease! Give her a decent look, delicately contact her leg, or embrace her if she’s a virus.

In case you’re fortunate, a little love may transform into the beginning of an entirely important night. 

4. Give your best moves a shot the move floor. 

Alright, when salsa, vallenato, or reggaeton begins playing, we Colombians essentially claim any move floor—or in the city, at a chiva, or anyplace Latin music is playing.

Regardless of whether the moving isn’t your thing, you out it an attempt. She will think you look so tierno for trying, and on the off chance that you’ve really got moves, you’ll win real focuses. 

5. Keep your ears open. 

Attempt to know however much as could be expected about her, preceding the date. Assimilate all the fundamental stuff that you can, and use it to inspire her.

On the off chance that she adores wine, take her to a wine reasonable or a wine sampling; in the event that she loves chocolate, get her one.

On the off chance that she cherishes nature, welcome her to a stunning post; on the off chance that she needs to embrace a pooch, send her several alternatives and go with her to see them.

Trust me; this is the most ideal approach to ensure you have a subsequent date and presumably much more. 

6. Converse with her with your enchanting accent in Spanish. 

She will love your enchanting accent and think you are the cutest for attempting to talk her language. Regardless of whether you just know a couple of words, utilize them.

Be that as it may, if the words ‘comer’ and ‘tirar’ are in your collection, make sure to utilize them in all respects cautiously, except if you need to mess it up. 

7. Make her snicker with great jokes. 

Exploit your comical inclination when you are with a Colombian. On the off chance that clowning isn’t in your veins, at any rate, chuckle with her. We are chipper and we like to make jokes even of our disasters.

A grin and a decent portion of dark amusingness will establish a decent connection. 

8. Be on schedule, yet don’t anticipate that her should do likewise. 

Timeliness is anything but a nature of Colombians, especially ladies on a first date.

Picking attractive however not revolting garments, the correct high-heels and satchel that match them, and putting enough cosmetics to make them look pretty, yet not to panic the prospect, may take longer than anticipated.

In any case, don’t make her pause. It will just make her vibe that you couldn’t care less. 

9. Try not to transform the date into a meeting. 

Connect with her accounts, focus, pose inquiries — and be inevitable. A date is certifiably not a fixed meeting and there’s nothing more ugly than a monosyllabic man.

After a few attempts with answers like “sí,” “no,” “nothing,” and a lot of ungainly quiets, she will most likely need to flee. It’s not just about you either.

Awful audience members go to the boycott also. Exhibit that you need to find out about her life. 

10. Pay the bill. 

Colombian young ladies incline toward the old way. On the off chance that she offers to pay some portion of the bill, don’t pay attention to it as well. She will anticipate that you should decline the offer.

This is only an approach to demonstrate your advantage and to let her realize that you appreciated her conversation. 

11. State ‘gracias’ after the date… 

A basic “Gracias por la compañía”, “La pasé muy bien”, or “Espero que se repita”, will open the entryways for a subsequent date, and in case you’re fortunate, her place for a glass of wine… or more. 

12. And after that, take her home. 

As free as ladies are today, we Colombian young ladies are utilized to the sort of ‘nobleman’ who takes them home.

Dropping her off or strolling her home, doesn’t imply that she will have intercourse with you, yet on the off chance that you completed a great occupation, she may welcome you for a glass of vino or a tinto.

Taking her house is only an approach to let her realize that you need her to return safely.

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How to date a Colombian woman?

Presently, dating a Colombian lady is somewhat not quite the same as dating a Western European or American lady.

The way of life is unique, their disposition is extraordinary and these things can make dating a Colombian lady a great deal not quite the same as what you’re utilized to.

Be that as it may, it’s certainly feasible. Here are a few hints for dating a Colombian lady. 

#1 Realize that their families are significant 

It’s ordinarily realized that Latino ladies have an amazingly close cling to their families. On the off chance that you’re not an enthusiast of being around family, at that point, you ought to rethink dating a Colombian.

Family is critical to Colombians, along these lines, speaking gravely about their family is a major no-no.

In Colombia, their way of life puts an overwhelming accentuation on the significance of family, along these lines, know that in case you’re dating a Colombian lady, you’re dating her entire family.

Basically, on the off chance that you have a solid love for family, at that point you’ll adore dating a Colombian. 

#2 Try not to stress over your age 

Colombian ladies aren’t excessively worried about the age contrast as some different nations seem to be. In Colombia, it’s basic to have an age hole of 15-25 years.

Numerous Colombian ladies in their 20s date and wed men in their 40s, so in case you’re a more established man, you’ll have no issue finding a youthful Colombian sweetheart. 

#3 Track cautiously around religion 

Most Colombians are raised under a Roman Catholic rooftop since it is the most rehearsed confidence in Latin America. That being stated, Colombian ladies are raised with the understanding that religion is critical.

In the event that you begin to date a Colombian lady, you’ll in all likelihood be welcome to chapel. On the off chance that you need to keep seeing her, at that point go to chapel with her.

On the off chance that you demonstrate that you’re not keen on her religious convictions, that will be a monster warning for her as she’s searching for somebody who offers her confidence.

On the off chance that you attempt to cause her to pick among you and her confidence don’t be astonished that she picks her confidence. 

#4 Demonstrate her that you have pride in your appearance 

Colombian ladies invest heavily by the way they look and on the off chance that you’re anticipating finding a Colombian lady, at that point, you should demonstrate her that you likewise invest wholeheartedly in yourself.

Colombian ladies require some serious energy in looking great and being fit and lovely is essential to them.

That being stated, in case you’re to a greater extent a habitual slouch who is donning a brew gut, you might need to hit the rec center.

No, you needn’t bother with a six-pack, yet Colombian ladies need to see that you care about yourself. 

#5 Enable yourself to become hopelessly enamored 

Colombian ladies aren’t into amusements. In the event that anything, when they succumb to you, they fall hard. In any case, they anticipate that you should give everything too.

They’re exceptionally energetic ladies and love to satisfy their partners. If she’s giving you herself, you’re going to need to put yourself forward and demonstrate that you’re here and willing. 

#6 Try not to be shoddy for the occasions 

Regardless of whether it’s Christmas or a birthday, you can’t be shoddy with presents. Blessing giving is a significant piece of the Colombian dating scene.

Regardless of whether you’re welcome to her home for supper or heading off to a gathering, ensure you carry something with you.

Not exclusively will that demonstrate her that you’re not shoddy, however it likewise demonstrates her that you’re respectful and refined? 

#7 Figure out how to move 

You will need to figure out how to move. Every one of the gatherings and festivities shares one noteworthy subject for all intents and purpose: there’s moving.

Every Colombian lady realizes how to move and love shaking their butts.

In this way, on the off chance that you don’t need some other man getting a hit the dance floor with your young lady, it’s best you took a few exercises.


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