Gift For A Colombian Girl

Walking around the lanes of Medellín in 82° F (28 ° C) climate can make most Northern Hemisphere expats overlook that it’s December.

All the more significantly, perhaps like me, you’ve likewise neglected to enlist that is not exactly a month away. Wow!! Time to search for some present thoughts from Colombia. 

So, what are the gifts for a Colombian girl?

Every girl deserves a girl whoever she is. Give her something valuable and with love. She will appreciate it more.

On the off chance that you haven’t begun your present shopping yet, dread not!

I’ve gathered together for you a determination of 10 notorious Colombian trinkets that you can without much of a stretch get in Medellín as presents and gather in your bag before you head home.

On the off chance that you are setting out home toward. 

As a computerized wanderer, I’ve begun to severely dislike gathering any progressively tasteless trinkets. Things like smaller than expected copies of the Eiffel Tower and ice chest magnets.

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Successive moving doesn’t consider the accumulation of progressively material merchandise. 

In this way, when I purchase a   present for somebody, I purchased what I would like to have. Furthermore, at this moment, that generally just incorporates things I will utilize day by day or devour rapidly. 

Along these lines, in light of that criteria. Here is my determination of the 10 most notable Colombian things that could make an ideal   present for somebody: 

1. Pergamino Coffee Gift Set 

You might fly into this famous autonomous espresso roaster in El Poblado sometime this week anyway. So while you are there, why not get one of their prominent boxed espresso sets. 

You can look over an assortment of alternatives.

Go for the single pack box, twofold sack box, or twofold measured box with one sack of espresso and an into estimated metallic cup decorated with a Pergamino logo. 

I cherish these blessing boxes as they are made of the most noteworthy quality materials and incorporate gold etching.

Additionally, each container incorporates one of Pergamino’s wonderful postcards that educate the beneficiary concerning the scrumptious espresso they have gotten.

With a normal cost of around 22,000 pesos, it truly resembles a rich blessing, yet for just a couple of bucks! 

On the off chance that you are snappy, you can likewise catch a sack of their occasional mix espresso or their selective Geisha mix. 

For my espresso upstart sibling, I acquired a container of the Geisha. Not modest at 50,000 pesos, however, he’s justified, despite all the trouble.

Furthermore, I got him a notable Pergamino shirt.

For a man who is enthusiastic about mountain biking, cherishes the shading orange, and consistently begins his day with at any rate two cups of espresso, I couldn’t think about an all the more fitting blessing. 

2. Tilín Chocolate 

While you are at Pergamino, likewise get some Tilín Chocolate for your stocking stuffers. 

Colombia is one of the top Cacao delivering nations on the planet, which makes bringing back some chocolate from the locale another famous decision after espresso. 

While you can get some second rate bars from any semblance of Exito or Carulla, I wouldn’t prescribe it.

These mass-delivered bars are mixed with superfluous added substances and a significant number of the cacao beans have been treated before simmering. 

Tilín Chocolate is unique. It is a little, privately run craftsman chocolate bar creator that spotlights on giving you natural, unadulterated cacao in their high cacao rate bars. 

Their low-prepared generation strategy holds the regular cell reinforcements normal for superb chocolate. Which thus, upgrades the mind-boggling flavors. 

The other thing that I adore about Tilín chocolate bars is that they aren’t excessively sweet. While numerous chocolate bars today rundown sugar as their fundamental fixing.

Tilín permits the normal notes of the hazelnut, berries and red wine found in cacao to prevail. The outcome is smooth dull chocolate that is low in sugar with simply the appropriate measure of sharpness. 

I as of late talked with the author of Tilín, Danny Michlewicz, who educated me that they are additionally offering a very constrained version of bigger estimated craftsman bars that come carefully blessing enveloped by biodegradable bundling. 

These exquisitely displayed hexagon bars, encrusted with entire nuts on top incorporate the narrative of Tilín and the significance of chocolate in Colombia. With just 1,500 accessible, be snappy! 

3. Wayúu Hammocks 

Another notorious gift from Colombia is the lounger. Living in the city of ‘Everlasting Spring’ implies that being outside is an ordinary piece of day by day life.

I am certain that you have seen that about each condo gallery in the city is hung with one of these woven slings. 

While you can buy a Colombian lounger from one of the numerous touts that meander the lanes in Medellín, I would suggest purchasing an extravagance lounger from Wayúu loungers. 

Destined to be 100% Colombia, this high caliber, handwoven pieces are made by the indigenous Wayúu clan.

These immortal pieces, while present day in configuration, still protect the Colombian legacy and craftsmanship. 

These are extravagance loungers, which is reflected in the cost, yet the organization does not settle on quality or on its social duty. There are no sewing machines engaged with the generation. 

The pieces are created in the crafters’ homes by for the most part single parents. The longer edges are made utilizing the conventional macramé method. 

Colombian Wayúu Hammocks are an important image of this present nation’s indigenous legacy. They are an amazing present for any exceptional partner or relative. 

4. Wayúu Bags 

In the event that the Wayúu Hammocks are out of your value run, at that point select to get an a Wayúu pack. 

These splendidly hued woven sacks have as of late been spotted on the shoulders of the globes most blazing A-Listers. Be that as it may, you can get a unique here in Medellín at a small amount of the cost. 

Ostensibly, Colombia’s most acclaimed and all-inclusive perceived craftsman item, the mochila shoulder sacks are likewise woven by the indigenous Wayúu persons. 

Situated in the segregated desert of the Guajira Peninsula, a buy of one of these packs won’t just bring a screech of joy from your female partner or relative, yet it likewise gives genuinely necessary salary to this poor network. 

Simply recollect that numerous craftsman takes hours or long stretches of diligent work to make these pieces, so hope to pay a reasonable cost for them.

At one of the nearby markets around town, I have cited a cost of around 46,000 pesos for a huge sack. You will pay more for the thick-lashed sacks as these take more time to make. 

5. Earthenware production from El Carmen de Viboral 

Did you realize that only an hour from Medellín there is a little pueblo that is incredibly famous for creating craftsman pottery? Indeed, even the Pope has a few pieces from this area of Colombia. 

I as of late visited the Ceramicas Renacer production line in El Carmen de Viboral and saw direct the fastidious consideration that is put into each piece. 

The ladies craftsman’ hand paint each cup, saucer, and plate without a stencil, utilizing just a last bit of work as a guide.

Almost the majority of the pieces are painted in crisp, brilliant hues propelled by the blossom ranches encompassing the slopes of Medellín: pansies, orchids, roses, and hydrangeas. 

Buying such handiwork in the United States or Europe would cost a fortune. Here I grabbed a wonderful cup and saucer set for only 19,000 pesos. 

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6. Comuna 13 Graffiti T-Shirts 

In the event that you haven’t taken a voyage through Comuna 13 yet, I would exceedingly prescribe it! This barrio of Medellín was once viewed as the most hazardous spot on the planet. 

Presently it is a lively neighborhood detonating with road workmanship, being improved with open elevators, and inviting travelers. 

During the visit, you will go by an open-air blessing shop where a pioneering neighborhood sells pictures of the most well-known road workmanship on blurbs and shirts.

For a little expense, a custom shirt can be made. 

My partner acquired a shirt for her nephew during our visit. It incorporated a picture from the eminent spray painting craftsman.

The shirt was hand squeezed utilizing a hot machine and was conveyed to my partner face to face while she completed the visit. 

A special thing for any age bunch on your rundown, however, a particularly extraordinary blessing thought for kids. 

7. A container of Aguardiente 

Alright, I don’t know each beneficiary is going to cherish you for this one, yet it is one of the most notable beverages of Colombia.

Truth be told, it has been the most mainstream mixed drink in the Andean district since the Spanish period. 

For those of you that haven’t attempted this strong soul yet, aguardiente is anise-seasoned alcohol. t is gotten from the sugar stick famous in the Andean districts and has a wild 29% liquor content.

To appreciate like a nearby, it is prescribed to shoot it flawless. 

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8. A Vueltiao Sombrero 

For the men throughout your life, pick a Vueltiao Sombrero (Spanish for turned cap). 

These white and dark caps have turned into an image of Colombia. Starting from the Zenú indigenous persons, they are made of a privately developed sort of stick.

There is a wide assortment of the cost and nature of caps that you can buy. The majority of this is dictated by the number of strips required to deliver the cap. 

A 15-strip cap takes around three days to make and will be one of the least expensive you can purchase and the most well-known you can discover. A 27-strip cap is a genuine venture.

This assortment can take as long as thirty days to make, yet will last you longer. As a rule, the more adaptable the cap is, the higher the quality and the higher you’ll pay. 

Go with what your spending limit can permit. 

9. Beaded Jewelry 

For the ladies throughout your life, pick a few beaded gems handmade by indigenous clan’s ladies. 

All over Calle 10 in El Poblado, you will discover indigenous clans ladies of Colombia making pieces of jewelry and arm ornaments from small scale brilliantly shaded globules.

The plans are inconceivably multifaceted and meticulously created. 

I’ve constantly liked, where conceivable, to purchase craftsman items legitimately from the craftsman. Seeing a piece being created before you make it an additional extraordinary present for somebody in your life.

These unbelievably made one of kind pieces are accessible from around Colombia.

10. Guava Paste 

Medellín is brimming with colorful tropical natural products. While you can’t bring crisp organic product out of Colombia and into yours, you can bring guava glue. 

This sweet, gooey, invention is accessible from numerous shops in a thick block structure. Also, there are a few assortments.

The unadulterated structure; those with a sugar tidying; and some loaded down with arequipe. 

Cut up and combined with cheddar, and it makes the ideal hors d’oeuvre. Or on the other hand, purchase separately wrapped segments for bites. 

A Colombia treats for the sweet tooth in your life.

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How To Impress A Colombian Woman On The First Date?
1. Treat Her 

A Colombian young lady will anticipate that you should pay for her at any event. Thus, don’t hope to slice the ball down the middle. You will always be unable to get far in the event that you need to set aside your cash.

Be set up to deal with every one of the costs. She may even approach you for cash to purchase something for herself. It isn’t irregular in Colombia. Indeed, even those ladies who work don’t gain a great deal.

Additionally, a monetary circumstance in Colombia makes it perhaps the least fortunate nation on the planet.

Being an outsider it will be consequently inferred that you’re rich, at any rate, more extravagant than the majority of the Colombians. 

2. Make Compliments 

Colombian young ladies like to be complimented. Any compliment would do. Simply pay her as many compliments as you can think of. Do it constantly. She will be happy.

Ladies in Colombia like to be reminded that they are valued. You should compliment her looks, hair, garments, conduct, style, language and so on. 

3. Learn Spanish 

Learning another dialect may appear a bit excessively extraordinary to you. By the by, Colombian young ladies regard outsiders who can communicate in Spanish. It is unquestionably a or more.

Think about learning probably a few words or expressions. You can imagine you’re learning it by utilizing it every so often. Simply cause it to appear as though you attempt. It will do.

Or on the other hand, you can truly learn Spanish since it similarly works that path in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. It will prove to be useful on the grounds that it is one of the most generally utilized dialects on the planet. 

4. Focus on Her 

You ought to be centered around a young lady you’re dating on the grounds that, as it was said before, Colombian young ladies effectively turned out to be envious.

Indeed, even two or three wrong looks or a few moves demonstrating that you’re exhausted can baffle her. In this way, focus on a Colombian young lady totally when you date her.

Act like she is a focal point of the world for you.


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